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Hello and welcome to W Straker Office Solutions

At Strakers, we've always believed that stationery should never stand still. That's why in the early 1900s our founder William Straker installed light bulbs - set 18" apart - in all his shops. Determined to make sure his customers could see exactly what they were buying, he made the 25 branches of Strakers, the brightest shops in London.

You can tell a lot about a company from the people who work there and it wasn't just William's customers who appreciated his forward-looking way of doing business; in fact, since his daily commute (on foot, of course) was by way of London's dodgier neighbourhoods, his staff would shadow him to and from work. You know, just in case. 

As he watched the business - and the range of products - grow, it struck William that the way people shopped (find an item, take it to the counter, ask how much it cost) made no sense, so he created London's first window display where his entire stationery line - 5,000 products - were carefully arranged and individually priced. 

Even through the Depression and the Great War, the shops prospered under the stewardship first of William's son Morton, and then his son Ronald; and as son followed father into the business they loved, they stuck to the same illuminating principle - making sure that customers could see every product and knew exactly what it cost. Then came the Blitz, and even those famous lights went out. 

But not for long. After WWII, Ronald re-built the business with the help of his son Jonathan and now in 2014, here's his son Will, taking what Strakers started five generations ago - a huge range of products, competitively priced and clearly displayed - and putting it where everything is even easier to find - online at www.wstraker.co.uk.

So here's the thing. Above the original Straker shop, William hung a sign that said: STRAKERS VERY CHEAP STATIONERY. Today, our unique online dashboard helps deliver the same price promise to each customer by electronically 'watching' what you buy and using that information intelligently to make sure you always get the very best deal on all Straker stationery products, every time you place an order

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